Has your practice put you on the road to burnout?

Listen to what our valued members are saying.

Has your practice put you on the road to burnout?

Listen to what our valued members
are saying.

Achieve A Thriving Dental Practice with or without PPO's


Brady Group’s coaching program is a professional partnership between a qualified coach (us), a great dentist (you) and a highly motivated team that wants to achieve extraordinary happiness and profit.

We believe dentistry is a very unique business and is best played as a “team” sport. Through the process of coaching, dental teams focus their learning on the skills and actions needed to successfully produce the desired results. What this means to you is stress free, financial freedom for you and your team.

... Dr. Brady has helped us take more time off (we now have about 8 weeks off/year), make more money, provide the kind of care that we are best at, and genuinely love and take care of our patients.” (Read More)
Dr. Kirk Bond, Temple, TX

Happy Patients Keep Coming Back


6 Ways To Minimize Dependence on PPOs is the Brady Group's proven process to simplify your path to freedom and maximized profits.

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5 Ways For Your Dental Practice to INCREASE Case Acceptance is the Brady Group’s strategy guide to removeing roadblocks by decreasing patient confusion and empowering them to say “YES” to your services.

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That’s right. We are offering you an opportunity to get to know us and understand our commitment to helping you. Choose your most formidable practice challenge and we will help you solve it.

Ask us anything.

Coaching is customized for each Brady member. Topics can include anything that is important to you. We are here to help you get where you want to go in your practice and your life. Learn More.

... Team Williams set a new record for additional earned income (bonus)! Each full-time member earned $17,418.94 in addition to their salaries. This year blew away last years numbers - $4,065.81. Amazing what you can do with a small, motivated and highly talented team!” (Read More)
Dr. Kurt Williams, Ellsworth, KS

Our Job is to Make Your Job Easier


Mission Possible Coming Events

You are invited to Mission: Possible!

Mission Possible is our action-packed seminar where you will actually be in the room with our Brady doctors and team members who have Unbelievable dental practices. Ask them questions. Listen to their advice. Take them out to dinner. You will find that these dentists are some of the friendliest, happiest and most helpful people on the planet. Their teams too!


Front Desk Goddess Retreat

Slay the Stress Monsters!

Attend our outrageously innovative seminar!

This event is exclusively for successful dental offices that want to minimize the hasles of insurance filing, statement sending, bad scheduling, collections, phone shoppers, low acceptance, high overhad, front desk bottleneck trouble and other high stress situations.


Dr. Paul Lawrence, McKinney, TX

“...Amy is a great coach and has been a great resource to meet with as I have made tough business decisions and deal with office challenges. I can’t wait to learn more and continue to look forward to meetings and getting together. (Read more)

Dr. Jared Waite, Colorado Springs, CO

“As I have applied these principles I have been happier and less stressed. I also believe my staff has been blessed by allowing these systems to permeate their lives.” (Read More)

My wife put it best - ‘He is making 2 x the money and has 3 x the days off. He’s happy and enjoys what he does’ Now I’m making 3-4 x the money, and work less and less each year!” (Read More)
Dr. Paul Cox, Temple, TX

Lead Your Team in a Way That Empowers Each Individual


The Brady Group propels dental offices to achieve their greatest revenue potential through growth strategies. We teach the essential skills of selling, leadership, management, and communication that enable dentists to build their dream practice


For more than twenty six years, Dr. Chris has taught principles and concepts that have changed the lives of literally thousands of people in the dental profession. In fact, Dr. Chris teaches more Case Acceptance seminars than any other dentists on the planet. (Read More)


Amy has coached offices across the planet teaching thousands of sessions just like these. She always accomplishes top results for dentists and their teams by offering straightforward practice building advice that can have an immediate impact on your practice and your net income. (Read More)