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Almost Overnight, Things Began to Transform!

Dr. Jim Craig and his amazing team! Aurora, CO

I have worked with a number of different consulting companies through my 10 years as a dentist. Some are the “big practice, big spend” types and are very flashy. Others are the “mom and pop shop” run by people who aren’t dentist and who have never been dentists. The problems I kept running into were that promises were made that were never fulfilled, and the systems recommended just didn’t make sense from a dental business perspective. In fact, we found that it’s possible to almost go bankrupt with 250 new patients a month producing almost $4 million a year if the systems aren’t balanced correctly and the spending is too high. About a year ago I was on the hunt for a new practice consultant and was referred to the Brady group by my accountants. I went in skeptical, wondering if they could really understand my practice. Almost overnight, things began to transform. We reduced our overhead by a very large percentage, and we began to be much more selective about the things we were and were not willing to do in dentistry. We set new standards and completely re-vamped our process. While not perfect, I feel that we’re coming along and are on the right track. This year we only have a fraction of our new patients and our production is down, but our overhead is WAY down (so we no longer have to produce 4 million a year just to stay afloat), our net is WAY up, I’m taking 7 weeks of vacation time this year, my staff is happy and the practice just feels a lot more fun to work in. In short, I’m making more than I have in years and the stress level is much lower. I recommend these processes and systems to anyone looking to reduce stress and increase the “fun” level of dentistry again!

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