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‘I’ll Wait Until It Hurts’

When we hear patients say ‘…but it isn’t hurting’, we don’t know what to do with it other than educate and try to bring the patient in to our frame of reference. We do so in attempt to increase their ‘dental IQ’ – for if they could just understand the need for dentistry from our […]

Happy Friday! What a happy day when everything falls into place!

Hi Amy! Happy Friday! What a happy day when everything falls into place! This patient is a severe grinder who had knocked off an old crown several times last month. After finding out his objections to replacing the crown, the patient told Dr. U about a friend who had new veneers and thought they looked […]

5 steps to getting New Patients to Schedule – AND SHOW UP!

Build a relationship – In a nutshell, this means that you listen more than you talk.  It doesn’t mean that you vomit your knowledge all over the patient. Learn their name and use it several times throughout the conversation. Before answering any questions at all, connect on a personal level by introducing yourself and connecting […]

Build it and they will come…

The way you schedule can make or break your practice. We are often asked – which comes first? The right systems for case acceptance, or blocking the schedule for the ‘ideal’ day? Some want to put off block scheduling until they get better case acceptance, but it never really seems to happen. That’s because ‘reactive’ […]

Almost Overnight, Things Began to Transform!

I have worked with a number of different consulting companies through my 10 years as a dentist. Some are the “big practice, big spend” types and are very flashy. Others are the “mom and pop shop” run by people who aren’t dentist and who have never been dentists. The problems I kept running into were […]